Linux 32 / 64 bit


Mac OS 32 / 64 bit


WDos (Source)

Clone and Compile



Requirements: MusicBoard has the following requirements: GNU/Linux , Intel Celeron (or simmilar) / 1 GHz CPU , 512 MB RAM , Two-Channel Sound Card , NVidia GEForce 820M (or simmilar) , Keyboard , Monitor and Speakers.

Mac OS: As you know, Mac OS does not have a NumLock button. Install a NumLock emulator or get a keyboard with "Home", "Insert" etc. buttons separate (noit in the numpad). Also, when installing, enable installation without App Store.

Other: Please check the files provided at download and in the GitHub repository. They are of help if you want to have your questions answered or your licence shown. For Developer details please consult the Documentation on GitHub. If you have questions that do not show in Q&A.txt, ask them on the MusicBoard Blog: . There you are also able to suggest features that you want in MusicBoard (as well as in the To_Do file on GitHub) . Thank you!